The Growth Mechanisms of Atomic Layer Deposition: An Overview

Edy Riyanto, Erie Martides, Endro Junianto, Budi Prawara


In this review, the discussion emphasized on the growth mechanisms of atomic layer deposition which consists of a theoretical model and experimentally growth as well as the measurement testing as evidences. The deposition process description with some testing evidences can be used to facilitate in the effort to understand the basic concept of ALD growth mechanisms. Some metal oxides like Al2O3, HfO2, and TiO2 with these employed precursors are typically used for the detailed illustration during the reaction steps. Although the surface chemistry of ALD process has been well understood, systematic description which combine a theoretical and experimentally growth mechanism is still missing. This paper aims to provide a better understanding of ALD growth mechanisms and surface chemistry which eventually able to contribute on the thin film growth processing.


atomic layer deposition; growth mechanism; thin film

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