Oksidasi Larutan Kalium Thiosulfat dalam Ekstrak Abu Tandan Sawit dengan Udara

Gogot Haryono


Potossium sulphate is a kínd offertilizer whích nowadrys is still imported. The efortþr producing itfrom
diferentfeedstockwås irwestigatedby many researchers. ThÍs researchwas an ahernativeway toproduce
potassium sulphatefrom ash of empty palm-bunch. This objective ofthis researchwas particularly to study
the kinetic ofoxidationreaction ofpotassium sulphate productionfrom actract of ash ofempty palm-bunch,
The æperíment was conducted by/ìlling the reactor with a potassium thiosulphate solution and thereþre
bubbling air from bottom of the reactor with specitìed flow røe until steady condition was attained The
productwas ønd analyzed at several certain time intervals. Iodometric methodwas appliedþr thiosulplwte
analysis and grartimetric method for sulphate analysis The øcperimental results showed that oxidation
reaction rate of thiosulphate to sulphate was controlled by the reaction step, Temperature dependence of
the rate constant consìdered by Arrhenius'

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31315/e.v9i1.7555


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