Utilization of Kepok Banana Peel Activated Carbon and Nipa Shell Activated Carbon as Biosorbents for Laundry Wastewater Treatment

Ilma Fadlilah, Ayu Pramita, Nurlinda Ayu Triwuri, Heni Anggorowati


The use of kepok banana peel activated carbon (AC-KPK) and nipa shell activated carbon (AC-TN) to adsorb phosphate ions in laundry waste has been successfully carried out. Characterization of activated carbon was carried out with SEM-EDX. The results of the morphological analysis showed that the pore sizes in AC-KPK and AC-TN were included in the macropore category. The elemental content of the AC-KPK adsorbent is C 74.9%; 23.6% O and 1.5% K, whereas in the AC-TN adsorbent it was observed that C elements were 70.7%; O 25.5%; K 2.0% and other elements such as Ca, Na, Mg and Cl are contained in small quantities. The optimum contact time needed by AC-KPK to adsorb phosphate ions in laundry wastewater is 15 minutes with an adsorption efficiency of 98.83%, the AC-TN adsorbent is 5 minutes with an adsorption efficiency of 99.52%, and the combination of AC-KPK&AC- TN resulted in a contact time of 5 minutes with an adsorption efficiency of 99.91%. The adsorption kinetics of phosphate ions with the three adsorbent media followed the pseudo second order model with adsorption rates for the adsorbents AC-KPK, AC-TN, and the combination AC-KPK & AC-TN respectively 3.9400 g/mg.min; -28.7119 g/mg.minute; and -10.8895 g/mg.min.


Activated Carbon; SEM-EDX; Nipa shell; Kepok Banana Peel; Adsorption Kinetics


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Dalming, T., Ali

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31315/e.v20i2.9681


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