Sri Suryaningsum, Moch Irhas Effendi, Hendri Gusaptono


This paper discusses about flood that usually happens in some regions in Indonesia especially
in the rain season. Flood is one of scary phenomenon for people who are not well-prepared to
face it. It is believed as natural disaster because it comes from the overflow of river.
However, it also happens because of human activities who unconsciously often throw rubbish
into the river, that makes the water cannot well-flown, stagnant, and the water will overflow.
Another cause is illegal logging in the forest, that decrease the absorption area of rain water
and causes flood.
The flood that will be discussed in this writing is flood that happens in Bojonegoro. The
people there are well-prepared to face it, especially at about these last 6 years. And the one
who responsible for it is Suyoto as the district leader (Bupati) of Bojonegoro. Suyoto is
claimed to be successful man to lead and prepare Bojonegoro people to face flood. He has
certain treatments to make flood not as a scary phenomenon for them. Flood is one of the
gifts of God for Bojonegoro people that can help their life.
The conclusion of this paper is that the good maintenance of flood in Bojonegoro may
become the role model for other regions. The stakeholders of government and the citizens are
united as one team, together in facing flood.
Keywords: Flood, good maintenance of flood

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