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Welcome to the "Journal of Exploration Geophysics and Earth Science",  a leading publication dedicated to advancing research at the intersection of geophysics and earth sciences. Our journal serves as a vital platform for scientists, researchers, and practitioners to share groundbreaking discoveries and innovative methodologies that shape our understanding of the Earth's subsurface processes and geological structures.

At the forefront of exploration geophysics, our peer-reviewed articles cover a wide range of topics including seismic imaging, gravity and magnetic methods, electromagnetic techniques, geological mapping, and remote sensing applications. We publish original research, reviews, and technical notes that contribute to the development of new technologies and methodologies in geophysical exploration and earth sciences.

Our editorial team comprises experts from around the globe committed to maintaining rigorous standards of scientific integrity and excellence. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a budding scientist, the "Journal of Exploration Geophysics and Earth Science" welcomes contributions that push the boundaries of knowledge and foster interdisciplinary collaborations.

Explore our latest issues, discover featured articles, and engage with cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges and opportunities in exploring the dynamic processes shaping our planet. Join us in advancing the frontiers of exploration geophysics and earth science through the pages of our esteemed journal.