Geologi dan Pengaruh Intrusi Terhadap Kualitas Batubara Berdasarkan Parameter Analisa Proksimat Daerah Desa Rantau Nangka, Kecamatan Sungai Pinang, Kabupaten Banjar, Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan

Iqbal Satrio Nugroho


Abstract - The area is located in the village of Rantau Nangka, District Sungai Pinang, Banjar
regency, South Kalimantan Province is geographically located at coordinates 0°12'2, 5 "- 0°13'06, 0"
latitude and 115°14 '22 "- 115°16'35" longitude. The location is located in the northeast of the city of
Banjarmasin and can be reached for ± 153 minutes by using ground vehicles as far as 102 km from the
airport Syamsudin Noor Banjar Baru. This study aimed to determine the effect of intrusion on the quality
coal in terms of calorific value, and the results of the proximate analysis. The methodology used in this
study in the form of direct observation in the field, sampling rocks in the field and analysis of data in the
form of studio and petrographic analysis Proximate analysis to determine the calorific value of coal and
using literature as well in the form of literature. The area is divided into five formations origin (Verstappen,
1985), namely the formation of structural landforms homoklin hills, formed by the origin denudasional the form
of land, eroded hills, forms volcanic landform hill intrusion, forms the human aspects of the basin landform
results mining, mining heap hill results (waste dump), forms fluvial landform body with rivers, alluvial
plains, and ponds (sump). Stratigraphy is divided into five regions lithologies, namely Tanjung unit Sandstone,
claystone member of the Cape formation, igneous units, units and unit material alluvial sediment accumulation.
Geological structure of the region is homoklin telitian and stocky - muscular. Telitian area there are 4 layers
namely coal seam A, B, C, and D with physical characteristics, chemistry and biology, as well as thick vary
both laterally and vertically, relative to the direction of the slope towards the northwest (N 275° E - N 280°
E ). From the analysis of the environment of deposition according deposition models Horne (1978), the rock
units in the area on the lower delta plain with subunit, swamp, chanel, levee, and Spay deposited on the Middle
Eocene (R.Heryanto, 2009). The results of the analysis sample (sample) coal zone located at the far zone
intrusion and intrusion obtained from the variation of the calorific value of coal, direct intrusion on local affect
caloric value. The temperature and pressure generated by the intrusion increases maturation of organic
material so that there is also an increase in calorific value of coal.

Keywords: intrusion, coal, proximate



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