Implementation of Sodium Hydrosulfate (NaHS) Flotation with F83 and F515 on Mass Recovery of Gold Ore

Lintang Larasati Adi Putri


There exist more and more gold mines in Indonesia, especially those that have just been started. It is indispensable to do test work to decide the process flow that will be utilized. Reagent usage tests on the flotation of gold ore were carried out to determine the mass recovery obtained by using a specific reagent and to determine which reagent is more optimal and profitable for further test work. Flotation is carried out using mechanical flotation with F83 and F515 as collector and frother respectively along with the addition of NaHS as modifier or sulfidization reagent.. Based on the flotation that has been conducted, it is known that the use of NaHS enhances the mass recovery obtained. Moreover, compared to the usage of other reagents, flotation with NaHS gives a slightly larger mass recovery with an increase around 2-3%. This indicates that the gold ore used is ores that have been oxidized More in-depth test work is required to get the optimal dose to obtain considerable mass recovery.


Gold ore; Flotation; Mass recovery; Mineral Processing; Sodium hydrosulfide

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