An Innovative Approach for Modeling Ultrasonic-assisted Drying

Adiyta Putranto, Xiao Dong Chen


Drying is a simultaneous heat and mass transfer process which involves significant energy consumption. For sustainable processing practice, ultrasonic-assisted drying is often implemented. In order to assist in process design and optimization, a physically-meaningful drying model is useful. The REA (reaction engineering approach), which has been shown to be accurate to model several challenging drying cases, is implemented here to model the ultrasonic-assisted drying with various intensities. The relative activation energy (ΔEv,b) generated from one accurate drying experiment is used to model the ultrasound-assisted drying with various intensities. The results of modeling match very well with the experimental data. The REA is accurate to model the ultrasonic-assisted drying under various intensities (i.e. 8, 12, 21, 29 and 31 kW/m3). The mechanisms of ultrasonic-assisted drying can be explained well by the REA. A landmark for process intensification of drying process has been set up by the REA. The model can be readily adopted in industrial settings for process design and optimization.


reaction engineering approach (REA); modeling; ultrasonic-assisted drying

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