Produksi Gula Pereduksi dari Depolimerisasi Pati Singkong Melalui Proses Pelarutan disertai Pemanasan dan Hidrotermal

Febriyati Puspasari, Yoga Asmara, Prida Novarita Trisanti, Sumarno .


In cassava, the major component are starch (60%). This component can be converted into a high value
product, such a reducing sugar and oligosaccharides. Starch conversion can be done by de-polymerization
using a hydrothermal process. The effect of reaction time in hydrothermal process in reducing sugar
production was studied in this research. Cassava starch suspension (1:20 (w/v)) was pre-mixing with heating
at 60°C and 45 minutes. Then proceed with the hydrothermal process at 100°C and 100 bar in various
reaction time (15-120 minutes). The solid product were analyzed using Scanning Electron Microscopy
(SEM), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), and Anthrone analysis (starch). And liquid products were analyzed by DNS
analysis to calculate concentration of reducing sugars. From SEM analysis showed hydrothermal process
was attacked the garnules surface deeply and also the inner grannules parts. And concentration of reducing
sugars was increase by increasing hydrothermal time.


cassava starch, degradation, hydrothermal, reducing sugar

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