Pengaruh Aditif Sodium Lauryl Sulfate dan Carboxy Methyl Cellulose pada Pembuatan Coal Water Mixture

I Gusti S. Budiaman, S. Diyar Kholisoh, Placidia Osita O., Priscilla Hilary K.


Nowadays Indonesia’s energy needs are increasingly high and estimated at about 2 million barrels of oil
equivalent (2 MMBOE). Indonesia's oil reserves are already dwindling, while coal has not well-utilized yet.
Recent utilization of coal in the solid phase causes incomplete combustion. An alternative way to complete
the combustion is by converting coal into CWM (coal water mixture). CWM is expected to have similar
properties to fuel oil so that it will be more easily atomized and burned. A relatively high calorific value coal
from Murung Raya (Central Kalimantan) was applied. CWM was experimentally prepared by crushing coal
into very fine granules, it was therefore mixed into the water added by sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and
carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) as dispersant and stabilizer, respectively. Two experimental paramaters
chosen in this study included parameter-1 (0,7% SLS and 0,1% CMC) and parameter-2 (0,8% SLS and 0,2%
CMC), based on the total mass. Each parameter was mixed into the flask (mixing vessel) containing water.
Therefore coal was gradually added with the coal-water ratio of 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, and 70%. The mixing
was conducted for 120 minutes at temperature of about 50 °C and stirring speed of 500 rpm. The best result
of CWM was performed on parameter-2 with 55% of coal. It had a calorific value of 3845 cal/g and was
stable during its storage within 20 hours.


Coal, coal water mixture (CWM), dispersants, stabilizers

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