Pembuatan Briket dari Campuran Eceng Gondok (Eichhornia crassipes) dan Tongkol Jagung (Zea mays) Sebagai Sumber Bahan Bakar Alternatif

Gilar Khairul Sanatria, Deska Nurhidayat, M. Syahri


Diminishing fossil energy due to excessive use causing problem for people. This problem should be
immediately balanced with renewable alternative energy, one example is biomass. The purpose of this study
was to create an alternative fuel in the form of briquettes from a mixture of water hyacinth and corn cobs to
know the calorific value, ash content, volatil matters, ash bound, and the water content in the briquettes with
a mixture of water hyacinth (Eichohornia crassipes) and corncobs (Zea mays). Briquettes was made by
mixing water hyacinth and corn cobs that have finished in the pyrolysis process using temperature 400
C and 600
C with a weight ratio of 3: 2 and 3: 1. Starch was used as an adhesive with percentage 8%
and 10%. The results showed that the highest value of calorific briquettes at weight ratio of 3: 2, level
adhesive 8%, and the pyrolysis temperature of 600
C with 5818.6 cal / g. In this study, it can be
concluded, if pyrolysis temperature is increasing then the content of carbon bound is increasing. Therefore,
the calorific value of briquettes will be increase.


Alternative energy, Briquettes, Pyrolysis.

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