Peningkatan Kualitas dan Kuantitas Produk Elektroplating Melalui Perbaikan Kualitas Larutan Kimia di Bak Elektroplating dengan Filter Elektroplating

Luqman Buchori, Didi Dwi Anggoro, Dyah Hesti Wardhani


Small electroplating industry is a small industry that is widely available in the city of Semarang. The main
processes in the electroplating industry are located in the coating process. This process occurs in the
electroplating bath. The quality of the metal coating is highly dependent on the quality of the chemical
solution contained in the electroplating bath. If the chemical solution has good quality, such as the solution
was clear, there are no impurities, the quality of the coating is also good. If the quality of the chemical
solution is not good, then the results of the coating are also inferior such as there are bubbles in the layer, or
there is dirt on the die so that the coating process must be repeated. This will add to the cost of production
and a coating time so that increases operational costs. To solve this problem we need a system that can
produce a chemical solution that has good quality, clear, and there are no impurities. This system is called
the filter electroplating. Results of electroplating filter application showed to increase the quantity and
quality of production. The production capacity increased by 30% per day. The production turnover up 35%
and profits increased by 45%. The chemical solution becomes clear and does not contain impurities so that
the coating results becomes good.


electroplating; electroplating filter; electroplating solution; metal coating

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