Produksi Glukosamin melalui Hidrolisis Kitosan Menggunakan Irradiasi Microwave

Nur Rokhati, Titik Istirokhatun, Reisa Novita Marpaung, Ananda Dwi Utomo


Glucosamine (2-amino-2-deoxy-glucose) is an amino-monosaccharide from chitosan, which has many uses
in the field of health, especially for the joints, bones, and teeth. Glucosamine can be obtained by the complete
hydrolysis of chitosan. The influence of microwave irradiation on the chitosan hydrolysis with catalyzed by
hydrochloric acid was studied. The hydrolyzed chitosan was characterized by reducing sugar measurement,
and FT-IR analysis. The results were compared between hydrolysis using conventional heating and
microwave irradiation. Microwave irradiation can increase the reaction rate of glucosamine formation.
Under the condition of microwave irradiation, the yield of glucosamine is 72.67% after 20 min hydrolysis.
While to obtain yield glucosamine 70% required 2 hours for hydrolysis using conventional heating.
Chemical structure by FTIR and the reducing sugar content of the glucosamine produced not different with
the glucosamine purchased from Sigma-Aldrich.


chitosan, hydrolysis, HCl, microwave, glucosamine

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