Adsorpsi Zat Warna Direct Black 38 Menggunakan Kitosan Hidrogel

Zainal Arifin, Muh. Kasim, Yoga Irawan


The dye widely used in sarung samarinda textile dyeing is direct black 38 (DB 38). A batch system applied to
study the adsorption of DB 38 from aqueous solutions by chitosan hydrogel beads as adsorbent. The ionic
cross-linking reagent sodium tripolyphosphate (STTP) used to obtain more rigid chitosan beads. The effects
of contact time and adsorbent dose were evaluated. DB 38 and adsorbent inserted into flasks and were
shaked at 150 rpm using an electric shaker at room temperature. Samples were filtered and analyzed using a
UV-Vis at a wavelength of 505.7 nm to determine the concentration of DB 38. The results showed that
chitosan produced in a spherical shape and diameter of 3 mm. The beads observed solid, rigid, white milk,
not sticky and has water content of 96%. The use of chitosan hydrogel dose of 0,34 g (dry based) and contact
time of 360 minutes can removal of DB 38 up to 92,42%. The maximum adsorption capacity is 4,93 mg/g,
which followed Freundlich model.


adsorption, chitosan hydrogel, direct black 38, freundlich

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