Sintesis Carboxymethyl Konjac-Glucomannan (CM-KGM) dari Tepung Porang: Pengaruh Media dan Suhu Karboksimetilasi terhadap Nilai Derajat Substitusi

Sperisa Distantina, Amellia Setyani Putrie, Inas Novianti


To increase the solubility of porang flour or konjac flour, the konjac flour was modified chemically into carboxymethylation konjac-glucomannan (CM-KGM). CM-KGM was prepared by alkalization of konjac flour using sodium hydroxide for 30 minutes at 30oC. After then, product alkalization was carboxymeted using sodium monochloroacetic (Na-MCA) with ratio 1:1 gram flour/NA-MCA. The aims of this research were to study the effect of concentration ethanol as the solvent media (50% ethanol and 90% ethanol) and temperature (45-50oC dan 65-70oC) to the rate of degrees of substitution (DS) formation in carboxymethylation step. Based on the data, the highest DS was attained by carboxymethylation using media solvent 90% ethanol, time of carboxymethylation 150 minute and temperature carboxymethylation 45-50C. The relationship between temperature and reaction constant (k) follows  
    k = 0,3082 exp (-15.227,8064/8,314T )


konjac flour, carboxymethylation, carboxymethylation konjac-glucomannan (CM-KGM), degree of subtitution

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