The Making of Tomato Powder with Addition of Maltodextrin as a Carrier Agent and Egg White Powder as a Foaming Agent

Saripudin Saripudin, Tri Hariyadi


Tomato (Lycopersicones culentum Mill.) were selected as raw because it is fairly high water levels, with vitamin C and antioxidants. A high moisture content in tomato can accelerate microbial and enzyme activity. One alternative is to cultivate into powder form by drying method. Powder form has the advantage of more durable, lightweight and smaller in volume so the ease of packaging and transport. The method of this study was drying foam use tray dryer with foaming agent egg white powder and carrier agent maltodextrin. Tray dryer was choosed because its operations are relatively simple, the process is cheap, and relatively low operating temperature. The egg white powder was choosed because it is a natural foaming agent. The tray dryer was filled with hot air at 2.0 m/sec with temperature variation of 40, 50, 60 or 70°C, and tomato paste with a thickness of 2 mm or 4 mm. Quality of tomato powder is determined by the analysis of water content, levels of vitamin C and antioxidant activity. The results obtained, the optimum drying temperature at 50°C with a product moisture content of 10.87%. Drying decrease antioxidant activity levels of 32.3%. 


antioxidant, egg white powder, maltodextrin, tomato powder, tray dryer


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