Pengambilan Minyak Atsiri dari Rimpang Jahe Merah menggunakan Metode Distilasi Uap dan Ekstrasi Air dengan Pemanas Microwave

Priyono K, Rudi F, S Rachmawati


Research on Essential Oil Distillation of Red Ginger Rhizome (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) Method Using Steam Distillation and Water with Microwave Heating has been done. The observed process variable is the effect of the amount of solvent to yield produced. The distillation process is done using Microwave Heating coupled with steam with pure solvent (water). As a comparison done too distillation process by using sodium acetate solvent. Ginger oil obtained in the form of a bright yellow liquid with a distinctive scent of ginger. The results showed distillation using a solvent to extract the sodium acetate can only 0.07 %. Of essential oils in the ingredients, while distilling the pure solvent (water) is able to extract up to 0.06 %.Of essential oils in the ingredients at 100oC temperature conditions. Results of the analysis by gas chromatography shows the components with the highest composition of ginger oil hidrodistilasi results with the help of ultrasonic is zingiberene. Results of the analysis of multiple parameters of the product showed ginger oil meets the specifications according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) No. 06-1312-1998.



distillation, ginger oil, gelombang mikro


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