Optimasi Kondisi Operasi Ekstraksi Zat Warna Alami dari Daun Ketepeng (Terminalia Catappa) Menggunakan Response Surface Method

Zakiah Awalia J S Dahlan, Edia Rahayuningsih, Ahmad Tawfiequrrahman


The textil industry are widely using dyes. Most of them use synthetic which can be damage the environment. Therefore it is necessary to do research which related to natural dye production. This research aimed to obtain the optimum condition of natural dye extraction from Terminalia catappa. There were three operating variables observed in this research; temperature, time, and the weight ratio of Terminalia catappa to the solvent volume. The extraction was conducted on a third-necked round-bottomed flask fitted with a stirrer, reflux condenser, heating mantle, and with eco-friendly solvents. Natural dye content on the extract was analyzed by gravimetric. The extraction was done 27 times for combination of 3 operating variables and 3 interval values of these variables. The optimization of operating variables extraction conditions had done by using Response Surface Method (RSM). The results obtained were the optimum temperature was 100oC, the optimum extraction time was 90 minutes, and the ratio of the weight of Terminalia catappa to the solvent volume was 0.2 g/mL. In this optimum conditions, the natural dye concentration in the extracts was 102 mg/100g of leaves.


Extraction, Optimization, Response Surface Method, Terminalia catappa, Natural dye


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