Pemanfaatan Limbah Cangkang Kelapa Sawit dalam Pengolahan Palm Oil Mill Effluent dengan Metode Pretreatment Sodium Hidroksida

Evania Yovita, Angela Martina, Jenni Novianti Muliarahayu Soetedjo


POME, an oily wastewater generated by palm oil processing mills which 1 ton of palm oil fruit bunch produces 100-450 kg of POME (from sterilization, clarification, and hydrocyclone discharges). POME contains 0.6-0.7% oil and grease which has to be treated firstly before discharged. Experiments consist of two stages which are pretreatment and adsorption process. They were carried out to find out effect of pretreatment solution concentration and adsorbent dosage toward percentage of yield. From 1 ton of palm oil fruit bunch as much as 65 kg palm kernel shells are usually produced which can be used to adsorb oil in POME. Pretreatment process was done by soaked the adsorbent using 1, 1.5, and 2.5 M sodium hydroxide solutions. In the adsorption process, 100 ml oil solution with concentration of 6000 ppm was added whereas the dosages of adsorbent varied as follow 2, 3, and 4 gram and was done in batch, room temperature, -10+20 mesh, 40 minutes contact time, and 200 rpm stirring rate with analysis including: the yield of oil adsorbed on adsorbent (percentage of yield) and moisture content. The result showed that pretreatment using sodium hydroxide solution has decreased the oil content in POME up to 73.9% (w/w).


Oil adsorption, Waste management, Palm kernel shell, POME, Residue oil


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