Pengaruh Suhu Dan Komposisi Minyak Jagung Pada Pembuatan Lilin Klowong Terhadap Pewarnaan Batik

Abdulmalik Abdulmalik, Fety I R, Selvi H, Derry M A


Batik is one of the most highly developed Indonesian art forms that had been designated by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity. It uses techniques of wax resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth and can be made by using canting or printing.Once the design applied on the cloth, then it is ready to be waxed and the staining of the batik cloth depends on the quality of the wax. Therefore, batik wax is considered as the main material to make batik, especially for handmade batik in which the pattern and carve applied directly by the artisans.  Vegetable oil is to improvement viscosity level in liquidity of batik waxes and to knowing the effect of the dyed batik.This research aims to knowing the composition of the required yellow paraffin waxes batik and to knowing the effect of the composition of the yellow paraffin dyed batik. This study uses qualitative and quantitative methods with material measurement techniques, and test a questionnaire to evaluate the response of the respondents to the sharpness of the color produced. In the process of making batik wax, the composition of the materials used are Lilin tawon, damar mata kucing, gondorukem, yellow parafin, and  vegetable oils. In this research, yellow paraffin as an independent variable with variations in different compositions (10 g, 15 g, 20 g and 25 g). To test the composition of the wax batik then made 4 different samples, each sample has a different composition yellow paraffin. To view a sample of the batik conducted several tests, including testing the sharpness of color, smearing of colors, as well as washing with soap, while the qualitative testing done by kuisioer to test visually, from the test results of samples both quantitative and qualitative data show that the results of batik using sample C gives better results than other samples.


Batik, vegetable oil, Wax

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