Briket dari Ampas Batang Sorgum Manis (Sorghum Bicolor L. Moench) sebagai Sumber Bahan Bakar Alternatif

Tjukup Marnoto, Atiqa Eka Suci, Ria Septiana


Energy is a necessity that can not be separated from humans. Similar to clothing and food, energy has a very important role for life. Currently, the fuel reserves are running low so that it needs alternative fuel that is able to meet human needs. The purpose of this study is to utilize the sweet sorghum stem dregs as an alternative fuel that is briquettes, as one of the solutions of the above problems. This process is carried out by pyrolysis of sweet sorghum stems and added sweet glue of sorghum seeds which still contains molded and pressed starch. With a low adhesive content and high compressive strength obtained the highest calorific value of 5773,5765 calories / gram with 2.5% adhesive content and 250 kg / cm2 compressive strength. Briquettes from sweet sorghum stems do not meet the standards of briquettes in Indonesia whose value 6914,11 calories / gram so it is advisable to make changes in the ratio of raw materials and adhesives to obtain briquettes that have a higher calorific value.


Briquettes, Sweet sorghum, Biomass, Alternative energy

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