Pengaruh Aerasi dan Penambahan Nitrogen terhadap Laju Pertumbuhan Nannochloropsis sp.

Felicia Wiryadi, Judy Retti B Witono


Indonesia has plenty of natural resources which has not utilized yet, such as microalgae. Many valuable components, such as natural antioxidants which can be explored from it. The goal of this research is to maximize the growth of microalgae (Nannochloropsis sp.) so that it can produce more biomass. The variables observed were the addition of oxygen through aeration and nitrogen using NaNO3 nutrients (450 µmol/L, 600 µmol/L, 750 µmol/L, and 900 µmol/L) during the growth of microalgae. The amount of biomass produced was measured using centrifuge and drying method. The results showed that the aeration and the addition of NaNO3 nutrients could increase the growth rate and yield of biomass from Nannochloropsis sp. The optimum condition was obtained at the cultivation with aeration and 900 μmol/L NaNO3 added. The highest biomass produced was 25.975 g (dry basis)/L medium.


microalgae, Nannochloropsis sp., aeration, NaNO3

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