Uji Kemampuan Adsorpsi Zeolit Alam Teraktivasi Asam Sulfat pada Penurunan Bilangan Asam Biodiesel

Kartika Udyani, Dwi Sari, Matrika Matrika


Biodiesel production from transesterification leaves to high content of acid fat, therefore in order it is usable, it is to be first purified. This research was to identify the effects of zeolite mass ratio tobiodiesel mass generating the lowest value of acid, effects of  zeolite mass  ratio to  biodiesel  mass generating the  lowest  density,  the increase of esther metyl. The method adopted for purifying the biodiesel in this research was absorption process with activat ed natural zeolit as absorbent. In order to attain the maximum condition in the absorption process, it is necessary to identify the effect of biodiesel weight ratio to the zeolit mass generating to lowest value of acid and density. Accordingly, both were treated as independent variabls. The variations  ratio of zeolit mass of biodiesel mass were 0,075; 0,151; 0,227; 0,303; 0,378. The resuls of the research showed that increasing ratio of zeolite mass to biodiesel mass will lower acid nunbers and density of biodiesel, The content of methyl ester biodiesel before purification using adsorbtion with activated zeolite adsorbent was 44.66% while after purification 55.78%


biodiesel, adsorption, zaolite, acid number

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