Improving Ethanol Level by Batch Method with Corn Starch Adsorbent

Abdullah Kunta Arsa, Andyta Caesar Alexander, Brian Obiedyan


Relatively pure raw materials are needed in the chemical industry, both in industrial processes and in industrial products. To obtain a pure material, separation process is needed to separate the material from the mixture with other materials. One of the most common materials used in industrial processes is ethanol.Ethanol can be produced by various methods, one of them is fermentation. This method produces a low-purity ethanol so, the purification process is required. This study was conducted to obtain the maximum ethanol which can be produced from the adsorption process using corn starch.From this research, the best level ethanol was obtained by using 30 gram adsorbent mass and 100 mesh for diameter of corn flour for 120 minutes. The increase of ethanol content obtained by 0.82% from the initial ethanol 96% to 96.82%.



ethanol, corn starch, adsorption.

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