Pengaruh Metode Pembuatan Katalis Metal/Zeolit Y Terhadap Karakterisasi dan Aktivitasi Katalis

Didi Dwi Anggoro, Luqman Buchori


The ion exchange method has been widely used in the manufacture of catalysts. The catalyst produced by ion exchange method has different characterization and performance with other methods. This chapter describes the comparison of characterization and performance of metal loaded zeolite Y catalysts by impregnation and ion exchange methods. The catalyst characterization was analyzed using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). While the catalyst performance used as a catalyst for coal tar to liquid fuels. The loading of metal to zeolite using ion exchange method was increased the crystallinity of zeolite. However by using ion exchange method was decreased the acidity of zeolite. The yield of liquid fuels using impregnation method Co-Mo/zeolite Y  catalyst is higher than the ion exchange method Co-Mo/zeolite Y catalyst. However, catalyst obtained by ion exchange method results in higher composition of gasoline fractions


karakterisasi, aktivitas, Co-Mo/Zeolit Y

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