Studi Terintegrasi Kelayakan Proses Injeksi Gas CO2 untuk Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) di Lapangan Minyak

Dedy Kristanto, Harriyadi Harriyadi, Yulius Deddy Hermawan, Yusmardhany Yusuf


CO2 gas injection is once of recommended Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods by injecting CO2 through reservoir pore after reached its residual saturation, since CO2 dissolved easily in oil phase due to oil extraction as confirmed by many other researcher in pertaining field study. An integrated system is urgently required for assessing CO2-EOR feasibility study, covering multi disciplinary aspects as follows: geology, geophysics, reservoir, production, process and economic. Hence those systems must be reliable in suggesting final decision for feasibility study of CO2-EOR operation program, applicable either for pilot scale or full scale. This paper will proposing integrated system evaluation, which has following features:  (1) Estimate fraction of dissolved CO2,(2) Estimate viscosity reduction, (3) Estimate future of oil productivity index resulted, (4) Estimate forecast of incremental oil recovery, (6) Estimate surface facilities equipment design, (7) Evaluate economical aspects, and (8) Generate final decision for feasibility of CO2-EOR operation program. Finally, as the main objective of this program, those system will present a picture of essential reason why we need to promote or reject CO2-EOR plan program, also some recommendations will presented in case of CO2-EOR plan does not perform from what it is supposed to be.


Integrated System, CO2 Gas Injection, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

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