Selectivity of Leaching From Kulonprogo’s Lowgrade Manganese Ore with Organic Acid : Oxalic Acid, Acetic Acid and Citric Acid

Rima Dewi Anggraeni, Agus Prasetya, Rochim Bakti Cahyono


Manganese is one of important metal for many sector of many industries such as steel industries, chemical industries, battery industry and many other. Natural resources of manganese ore are decrease in order that many industries try to take manganese from lowgrade manganese ore but they cannot find the effective procedure. Leaching is a hydrometallurgical process which is an effective metal extraction from low grade metal sources with low processing cost and relatively low pollutants in order that solvent which used in this study was organic acid to reduce pollutants of this process. In this study, selectivity from leaching result from kulonprogo’s lowgrade manganese ore with organic acid such as oxalic acid, acetic acid and citric acid were investigated. It was determined that acetic acid was more selective with mangan metal about 76,08 % than other acid whereas oxalic acid was more selective with iron metal about 43,21 % than other acid whereas citric acid was more selective with calcium metal than other acid about 54,96 %. This study in same condition operation such as pH, Temperature, particle size, solid-liquid ratio and stirring speed.



Leaching, Lowgrade Manganese ore, Organic Acid, Selectivity

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