Kajian Teknis Pencucian Timah Menggunakan Jig Di TB 1.42 Pemali, Kabupaten Bangka Induk, Propinsi Bangka Belitung

Riko Suryanata, Ika Tri Novianti Siregar, Burhanuddin Arriza


Pit 1.42 Pemali TB is one of the tin mines owned by PT. Timah (Persero) Tbk.. This pit is located in District Pemali, Bangka, Bangka Belitung Province. Mining method applied is the Open Pit. The aim of the study was assessment of how the jig so as to obtain optimum Sn concentration, with variable stroke length as the independent variable, and variable frequency punch, slope jig, size spigot, additional water volume, shape and size of the jig bed, kecepatan runoff as a fixed variable. Sn sample retrieval results in the form of bait, concentrate, tailings are then used as a reference for a discussion of how the jig concentration equipment.From the data of the current observation based on the current state, the length of the secondary jig left punch= 7 mm and length of secondary jig right punch = 6 mm. Sn generated secondary jig left at 0.78% Sn and 76.9% of its recovery. For secondary jig right Sn obtained at 0.90% Sn and his recovery was 76.5%. Then concentrate on the secondary jig jig left and right secondary mixed so as to obtain the overall content of Sn at 0.8394 and 76.7% of the overall recocery. Requirements that must be met in the process of concentration for secondary jig is 5-10% Sn.Attempts to obtain optimal acquisition Sn concentrations of secondary jig that is by changing the stroke length of the secondary jig to 5 mm left and right secondary jig into 4 mm. Secondary levels jig concentrates on the left obtained at the time of stroke length of 5 mm was 7.34% Sn with 98.1% recovery. While the secondary jig right length obtained at 6 mm punch is 8.35% with a recovery of 98.2% Sn. In order to obtain the overall results, the experimental results of the secondary jig left and right in the mix. The results obtained are 7.7923% Sn Sn with 98.1% recovery. By looking at the results obtained concentrate grade, the ideal length of punch used is 5 mm and 4 mm


Levels of concentrate Sn, Recovery, Long-blow)


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