Pengaruh Suhu dan Laju Alir Pengeringan pada Bawang Putih Menggunakan Tray Dryer

Yusi Prasetyaningsih, Sri Mulyanti


Garlic is one type of plant commonly used as a spice and seasoning cuisin. Garlic is very usefull, so it needs to be preserved to extend the shelf life. One of them is with manufacture of garlic powder. In this research, garlic powder was made using tray dryer with temperature variation (50oC, 60oC, 700C) and drying flow rate (1,5m/s, 2,5m/s, 3m/s). Garlic powder that has been produced then analyzed the water content, ash content and vitamin C. Based on the results of research on variations of flow rates and temperature variations, the longer drying time caused moisture content decreases as the longer drying time. Water content that has occupy the SNI is obtained for all temperature variations and flow rate of less than 12%. The highest level of ash and vitamin C content for temperature variation and flow rate was obtained at flow rate of 1,5 m/s and temperature of 50oC with ash content of 2,97% and 2,40%, and vitamin C content of 22,10 mg/100g and 26,52 mg/100g.


Garlic, Tray Dryer, Vitamin C

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