Kajian Kinerja Kompor Limbah Biomassa Padat Skala Industri Rumah Tangga

Suhartono Suhartono, Fitria Gasela, Anis Khoirunnisa


The performance test of a natural draft stove design with various kinds of fuel; corncob, coconut shells and wood chip provided the fire power of 8 kW -22 kW and the maximaum flame temperature of 1126 ° C. The wood chip utilization gave a flame temperature in the range of 912 °C-1126 °C in a bluish orange colour. The fastest start-up time of 10.55 minutes was obtained when corncob utilized as fuel in this stove. While wood chip and coconut shell gave the longest start-up time of 16.34 minutes by the operating time of 12.78 minutes and 20.21 minutes, respectively. The performance of this experimental natural draft stove provided the thermal efficiency (ηth) of 20%-21% and specific fuel consumption (Sc) was in the range of 0.51 kg/hour-0.64 kg/hour. This stove perfomance meets some parameters required by the Indonesian National Standardization Agency (BNSi) for biomass stove (SNI 7926: 2013); the maximum specific fuel consumption, Sc of 1 kg/hour and the minimum thermal efficiency of 20%. The measuring of CO (<67 g/kg of consumed fuel) and particulate emissions, PM2.5 (<1500 mg/kg of consumed fuel) are in progress of this work.


Biomass, thermal efficiency, SNI

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