Mekanisasi Pengaduk Adonan Bahan Baku Wingko Babat Sebagai Upaya Peningkatan Produktivitas dan Kualitas Produk

Luqman Buchori, Didi Dwi Anggoro, Dyah Hesti Wardhani


One of the typical food souvenir of Semarang City is wingko babat. This food is much hunted by the tourists both local and foreign. The production process of the wingko babat includes the preparation of raw material dough, molding, cooking, cooling and packaging. The process of making raw material dough is still manual that is using human power so it takes a long time. As a result the production process of wingko babat become inefficient. The quality of wingko babat produced is also not good, unhygienic, the tenderness of the dough is not homogeneous, the texture of wingko looks rough and requires a lot of labor. Consequently, consumer interest also declined. This constraint can be overcome by improving the dough making system of raw material wingko babat that is by changing the process of making the dough from the manual to the modern way that is by mechanization of dough mixer equipment. This equipment consists of six main parts: (1) mixing bath, (2) mixer, (3) as, (4) mounting table, (5) driving motor, and (6) speed regulator. The result of this mixer application shows the process of making the dough faster. This results in an increase in the quantity and quality of production. Production capacity increased 40% per day. Production turnover rose to almost 33% and UKM profits increased almost 1.5-fold due to rising production levels. The quality of the wingko babat product produced also increases. The texture of the product becomes soft so it attracts consumers. Increased productivity can meet market demand especially in tourist season.


raw material dough; mixer; wingko babat

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