Swelling/ Extraction Test of Carbon Dioxide Injection on Dead Oil Field Structure X for Phase Behavior Study

I Gusti S Budiaman, Tommy Rinanto Suhadi, Denie Tirta Winata, Victor Sitompul, Ari Buhari, Syaeful Adi Satya


At present, most of Indonesia's oil field production has decreased significantly. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the EOR gas injection method that has been proven to improve oil recovery factor especially in sub-tropical countries such as America and Canada whose average reservoir has low temperature at the highest temperature range of 135oF. On the other hand, Indonesia is a country with abundant sources of CO2, especially from the oil and gas industry and the Steam Power Plant (PLTU) with fuel oil/ coal, has not been optimally utilized. In this study we studied the phase behavior of CO2 injection effect on Indonesian oil which has a high average temperature reaching 275oF (135oC). Basically it is known that CO2 is increasingly difficult to mix with oil at higher temperatures. If CO2 is injected below the minimum miscible pressure (MMP) at the reservoir temperature, the oil recovery efficiency will decrease as the miscibility is not achieved. It is expected that the process of oil recovery may occur under conditions between immiscible and miscible processes. The CO2 injection experiments were carried out on X field stock tank oil, which according to the EOR screening results were suitable using CO2 EOR. The experiment was conducted using PERTAMINA’s Visual PVT & Swelling Test equipment on various of CO2 injection and pressure on stock tank oil at 135oC. The experimental results show the swelling of oil on various CO2 injections and pressures but extraction has not been reached yet. This showed that only CO2 is miscible into the oil phase and changes the properties of the oil. The miscibility process of CO2 into the oil phase can decrease the viscosity of the oil, impacting on oil mobility to improve the oil recovery factor. However CO2 is not able to extract the oil into the gas phase due to technical difficulties thus it may not be defined at this point.


carbon dioxide, immiscible, miscible, oil recovery factor, swelling factor


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