Pemanfaatan Biomassa Sebagai Material Katalis untuk Proses Biorefinery

Firman Kurniawansyah, Achmad Roesyadi


Having at least 200 million ton of dry biomass, Indonesia possesses enormous potential to develop sustainable biorefinery system. Realization of the system should take comprehensive approach. Simply focusing only on process mechanism or product characterization will certainly not be sufficient. Others aspect of supporting material development in the processing, for instance catalytic materials, shall be essential.  

Here in this article, development of Indonesian biomass as catalyst material is discussed briefly. Nickel based catalyst was prepared by impregnating nickel salt precursor on bamboo-derived (activated) carbon and rice-husk silica as support materials. Catalyst activity was examined by applying (activated) carbon and silica catalysts for glucose hydrogenation and crude palm oil hydrocracking, respectively. Application of bamboo-(activated) carbon on glucose hydrogenation produced sorbitol approximately 3 wt. %. Similarly, application of silica derived catalyst from rice husk ash produced bio-gasoline as high as 3 wt.%. 


biomass, catalyst, chemical reaction engineering, biorefinery


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