Kinetika Reaksi Gliserolisis Sirlak

Danang Tri Hartanto, Rochmadi Rochamdi, Budhijanto Budhijanto


Shellac is one of natural polymers that can be utilized for polyesters, paint, coating, matrix, etc. However, one of its weakness is stiff and brittle. This research aimed at investigation of shellac modification with glycerol in the absence of catalyst. The reaction kinetics model observed the effect of hydroxyl position in the glycerol. Reaction was run in the three-neckedflask assembled with electic stirrer and condenser. In the present work, the variables investigated were reaction temperatures (1600C, 1700C, 1800C, and 2000C) in the atmospheric pressure. During 2 hours of reaction process, every 15 minutes and 30 minutes reaction product was sampled to analyze the remaining free glycerol by periodic acid method. Experimental result showed that reaction of shellac and glycerol could be undertaken in the range of temperature 1600C - 1800C, and the maximum temperature is 2000C, because in this temperature shellac begin to decompose. The result showed that reaction kinetics model can describe reaction between shellac and glycerol.


ester, glycerol, glycerolysis, reaction kinetics, shellac


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