Pemodelan Kinetika Reaksi Seri Etana – Etanol - Dietil Eter

Achmad Chumaidi, Dwina Moentamaria, Heny Dewajani


The series ethane reaction kinetic model to Diethyl Ether (DEE) is a series reaction process that runs simultaneously and continuously in the gas phase with reaction order kinetics and reaction speed constants. The new method to be developed is to combine a single reaction of ethane into ethanol with ethanol into Diethyl Ether (DEE) through a series reaction in the gas phase. This reaction phenomenon is an innovation / new breakthrough in the field of renewable energy and is very interesting to be kinetic modeled. The route of the ethane series reaction to Diethyl Ether (DEE) has not been found and explained so the technique needed so that the technique that applies the series reaction is expected to be able to contribute to the making of the kinetic model. The fundamental contribution of the series reaction model which is reactants (ethane) can form an active intermediate product (ethanol) then further transforms into another stable product (DEE) that takes place in the gas phase. One key to the success of converting gas additive into liquid fuel through series reaction with the maximum achievement of intermediary products by modeling the reaction velocity equation mathematically with hardware and software which can be easily implemented in laboratory experiments. At present the kinetic data and mechanism of production of Diethyl ether (DEE) are not completely available so that the process kinetics model is always based on experimental kinetics data. In this study a study was conducted to obtain ethane- ethanol reaction kinetics with CuO-ZnO/-Al2O3 catalyst with a composition of zero ratio 1:1:1 pressure 10 bar temperature 450oC. Experiments of the ethanol to DEE reaction kinetic model taken at 350oC and pressure 4 bars. Kinetic data was tested by series reaction kinetics model derived from the mechanism of catalyst surface reaction. The kinetic model that best fits the experimental results is the stage of termination products (DEE formation) and intermediate formation (ethanol production). The reaction test results of catalyst performance produced ethane conversion of 71%, 80% ethanol conversion and DEE selectivity reached 84%. C2H6 (ethane) series kinetics parameter data C2H5OH (ethanol) CH3CH2-O-CH2CH3 (Diethyl ether) obtained the reaction speed constant of ethane to ethanol and ethanol to DEE and follow the first order reaction


ethane, ethanol, catalyst, series reaction, DME


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