Penghambatan Browning pada Ekstrak Apel Malang dengan Asam Organik

Maria Inggrid, Wirawan Putera Soebandy


Browning of raw fruits is a major problem in the food processing industry, causing quality loss, decreased market value, deleterious changes in the appearance and organoleptic properties of the food product. Browning reactions could happen due to enzymatic and non-enzymatic reactions (maillard reactions). Enzymatic browning reactions occur on the substrate containing phenol groups, react with polyohenoloxidase enzyme (PPO) producing melanin compounds which contain brown pigments. Various methods could be used to prevent browning such as blanching, pH adjustment, and addition of anti-browning agents. The effectiveness of citric acid, ascorbic acid, and lemon as a browning inhibitor were studied. The anti-browning agents were carried out on varied concentration (0.1%; 0.3%; 0.5%; 1.0%; and 2.0 %). Apple PPO activities were determined by measuring the absorbance at 422 nm with a spectrophotometer. Addition of lemon 2.0% becomes the best inhibitor to prevent browning, obtaining % inhibition about 83.30%. The results of analysis of variance (ANOVA) were further processed using least square difference’s method, showed significant results for the effect of all type variations of anti-browning agents.


apples, browning, enzymatic browning, antibrowning, spectrophotometer


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