Pembuatan Biodiesel dari Minyak Jelantah dengan Katalis Na2O/Fly Ash Menggunakan Iradiasi Gelombang Mikro

Zahratul Trixie Harinda, Nur Hidayati


Biodiesel is a renewable and biodegradable fuel for diesel engines. Waste cooking oil is a potential raw material for biodiesel production. Catalytic transesterification is preferable using heterogeneous catalyst due to easy separation of reaction product. This study reported the use of microwave irradiation to transform waste cooking oil to biodiesel using Na2O/fly ash catalyst. Power of microwave was varied at500, 552 and 691 watt and reaction was carried out for 4 minutes. The largest yield was 87.59%, occurred at 552 watt microwave power. The use of microwave irradiation is more beneficial due shorter reaction time.



Biodiesel, transesterification, microwave irradiation, heterogeneous catalysts, waste cooking oil


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