Pengaturan Peraturan Material Radioaktif Dalam Industri Makanan yang Terkontaminasi di Indonesia

Hesty Rimadianny, Anri A. Ridwan


Today's food industry is growing rapidly in Indonesia. According to the food chain, an ecosystem will be a relationship between organisms and their environment, the relationship is very complex so that it influences each other. If humans consume contaminated food, it will increase the amount of radioactive content in a person's body. So that it will cause radiation exposure which will cause health risks associated with radiation exposure This paper uses a descriptive method with data derived from the literature obtained. So that radiation exposure will increase so that it will cause health risks associated with radiation exposure. The right health effects will depend on radionuclides which have been digested according to the age of the human body and the amount. Humans receive natural radiation at a dose of 2.4 mSv/year from internal and external radiation doses. The internal radiation dose of 0.29 mSv/year comes from food. As an illustration, if contaminated radiation food for adults who eat 200 grams of spinach that has been contaminated with 137Cs at a dose of 1,000 Bq/kg will get additional radiation exposure in the body of an adult of 0.0026 mSv from the spinach. Therefore, Bapeten must make  regulations  regarding  the  effective  doses  allowed  for  radioactive  substances  or  radionuclides  in permissible foods, which will cause a reduced health risk in humans.




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