Preparasi Pereaksi Kit Immunoradiometricassa (IRMA)Thyroglobulin (TGB) Untuk Deteksi Kanker Tiroid

Puji Widayati, Agus Ariyanto, Sri Setiyowati, Sutari Sutari, V. Yulianti


In Indonesia thyroid cancer ranks 9th out of 10 malignancies that are often found, in the endocrine system, 1% of all malignancies that exist. Thyroglobulin is a tumor marker for thyroid cancer produced by follicular thyroid cells. Thyroglobulin should not be found in the blood serum of patients after total ablation, but in fact there is still detected thyroglobulin caused by the remaining tumor residue. Measuring levels of TGB was found in the blood can be done by several methods such as by immunoradiometricassay (IRMA) methods or ELISA methods. IRMA method is one of immunoassay techniques using 125I radionuclides  as a tracer,   so the sample in small quantity can be detected. The purpose of this study was obtained TGB reagent kit that includes 125I labeled TGB as a tracer, TGB coated tube and TGB standard of the kit, then it can be optimized assay design, finally TGB reagent kit can be used for early detection of thyroid cancer. Labeling of MAb has been done using 125I with reaction time of 60 seconds.The amount of TGB MAb was 16 μg, 10 μg chloramine T and activity of Na-I125was 1000 μCi. Preparation of TGB coated tube was using phosphate buffer 0,025M pH 7,4 with volume 500 μL, standard TGB 0,1 M phosphate buffer pH 7.4 containing 5% BSA and 0.1% NaN3and resulting of NSB and %B/T were 1,73% and 59,44 % respectifely wich as meet as arequerement of the kit


Thyroid cancer, thyroglobulin, IRMA, tracer, standard solution, coating solution


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