The Use of Liquid Waste of Tofu Industry for Biogas Production Using an Anaerobic Digester

Soeprijanto Soeprijanto, Vicky Aditia Tristanto, Moch Revandra, Ervina Rosanita Rohmah, Harits Eka Febrianto


The liquid waste of tofu industry is a component which is disposed of into the environment can cause foul odour, disease, water pollution. The liquid waste of the tofu industry contains high organic ingredients, in the form of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Protein compounds have the largest amount. Therefore, the waste        can be processed as alternative biogas energy. This aims of the study were to determine how to process tofu     industrial waste water using an anaerobic digester to produce biogas. Biogas production includes three stages. Phase I was to prepare a set of a biogas digester. Stage II was mixing tofu liquid waste and cow dung with a weight ratio of 1:1 and entering it into the digester then analyzing the raw material in the form of COD. Stage III was a continuous fermentation process in a 60-day digester where the variables used were HRT 30 and 20 days of operation. Analysis of raw material for tofu waste in the form of COD was 7,546 mg         O2/l. The results showed that an average volume of biogas produced was 1,815 ml/day for HRT of 30 days, followed by the biogas production of 2,750 ml/day for HRT of 20 days, respectively.


cow dung; biogas; anaerobic digester; tofu liquid waste.


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