Permodelan Ekstraksi Lignin Mentah dari Black Liquor dengan Metode Asidifikasi pada pH Rendah

Pasca Giffari Jusuf, Suryo Purwono, Ahmad Tawfiequrahman


Black liquor is a by-product from the cooking process in the paper and pulp industry which consist of an organic polymer lignin. Lignin has abounding uses as a raw material for rife chemical product, including adhesive, surfactant, rubber filler and other products. Acidification is one of the method use to break down lignin from black liquor. In accordance with other studies, it is essential to develop a math modelling precipitation of lignin from black liquor. The objective of this study is creating mathematical modeling to depicting change of liquid level within lean crude lignin and rich crude lignin to depicting change of liquid level within lean crude lignin and rich crude lignin and to find out does lignin concentration play a role in lignin precipitation time (lignin settling velocity).


Crude Lignin, Acid precipitation, Black Liquor, Modelling, Mass transfer


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