Spesifikasi dan Kualifikasi Gas di Central Processing Plant FTK PT.Pertamina EP Asset 4 Untuk Memenuhi Kebutuhan PLTU Tambak Lorok

Anas Puji Santoso, Furqon Tri Kurniawan


The gas produced from wells in the Milan block has not met the gas specification and qualification standards that has been approved with the Tambak Lorok PLTU as consumers. Therefore, gas enters the FTK Central Processing Plant (CPP) to be purified to conform to the gas sales contract. After releasing between gas and liquid in Gas Separation Unit (GSU), the gas entering the Gas Acid Removal Unit (AGRU) to remove impurities and make the gas product into a sweet gas using a solution of Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA). Then, the gas product enters the Dehydration Unit (DHU) to reduce the water content that is still contained in the gas product. In this process use the Triethylene Glycol (TEG) solution. After that the gas lead to the metering system, and the sample is also taken to calculate the Gross Heating Value (GHV) of the product gas. Related to the results, it can be stated that the FTK CPP gas product is still in accordance with the gas sales contract


Gas Sweetening, MDEA, TEG, GHV.


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