Analisa Indikasi Pembentukan Scaling Berdasarkan Simulasi Numerik Sumur Panas Bumi

Herianto Herianto, M. Th. Kristiati, Bambang Bintarto, Dewi Asmorowati


Scaling is one of the problems commonly found during geothermal fluid production. Scaling can form in production wells, two-phase pipes, and geothermal reinjection wells. Scaling in geothermal production wells is formed due to fluid from the reservoir which has been saturated by silica changing phases into two phases so that the sediment is formed. Scaling in geothermal production wells can reduce the diameter in the wells resulting in a decrease in geothermal fluid production. Scaling deposition is influenced by several factors, namely the concentration of silica in the fluid, pressure, and temperature. In this study, pressure and temperature decreases in the wells during the production process were analyzed using the CMG-STARS simulator. Based on the pressure and temperature data, the tendency for scaling to form is estimated based on the calculation of the Silica Scaling Index at several well depth intervals. Based on the SSI value, it is known that intervals that have the potential for scaling are at a depth of 50 m - 450 m and 967 m - 1745.5 m. Dryness and SSI values decreased at an interval of 550 m - 873 m because there was a zone of feed zone at a depth of 820 m.


silica scaling index, geothermal well, CMG-STAR modeling

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