Pengaturan Parameter Kendali Level pada Vapor Absorption Chiller dengan Menggunakan Metode Tuning Internal Model Control (IMC)

Profiyanti H. Suharti, Khalimatus Sa’diyah, Gagah Arga Raya Saputra, Meydana Nurrisky


Vapor Absorption Chiller (VAC) is one of the equipment in the process of making synthetic fibers, which produce chilled water with energy from heat sources, rather than electricity. The heat source can be steam. VAC works like the concept of a refrigerant compression cycle. one of the equipment in the VAC cycle is the condensate storage tank. This tank has a level control system to control the amount of condensate that is accommodated. In one of the synthetic fiber manufacturing industries, the condensate level control system in VAC (LIC81403) works as non self regulating process. The control process runs following the integrating process character. This control system requires special techniques for tuning the PID control parameters At present conditions, the control parameters used in LIC81403 are 40% proportional band (Pb) and 4 minutes integral time. These parameters produce oscillating condensate levels, with repeated amplitude waves. Internal model control (IMC) tuning method for integrating process was applied in this controller. The parameters of the tuning results are simulated to find out the LIC81403 controller response. Some parameters were applied at the plant and obtained the best performance with a proportional band (Pb) parameter of 45.45% and an integral time of 4.54 minutes.


level control system, synthetic fibers, condensat storage tank

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