Pengaruh Pelarut Terhadap Persentase Kopolimerisasi Cangkok Asam Akrilat pada Khitin dengan Metode Iradiasi

Gatot Trimulyadi Rekso, Rahmawati Rahmawati


The effect of solvent on the percentage of graft copolymerization of acrylic acid onto chitin by irradiation method has been carried out. The research aims to find out the optimum solvent composition to the increased swelling properties of chitin so that acrylic acid could carry in the active site of chitin. In this experiment, the trapped radical and peroxide graft copolymerization radiation method were employed. The influence of solvent compositions e.g., water-methanol, water-acetic acid, and methanol-acetic acid, and the grafting method that affected the degree of grafting have been studied. The result showed that the percentage of grafted chitin by pre-irradiation peroxide method is higher than the trapped radical method. The methanol-acetic acid in the composition of 7/3 was the best solvent for grafting of chitin, with the percentage of grafting was found 47.2 %.


copolymerization, grafting, irradiation, chitin

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