Studi Awal Meningkatkan Nilai Tambah Batubara Halus dengan Gasifikasi

Edy Nursanto, Adi Ilcham, Gogot Haryono


In Indonesia, coal is one of the abundant energy sources. During  the process of supplying coal, fine coal accumulated around the belt conveyor in the mining area. The fine coal has no economic value. Normally the fine coal be returned to cover some mining areas to avoid enviromental problem. An idea was suggessted to take benefit from the  fine coal by utilization. In this paper, it will be described the  utilization of fine coal as a synthetic gas or syngas produced from gassification. The fine coal was used in this study came from a coal mining area in South Sumatra. The experiment was carried out using an upright column. Inside the column, coal was placed at a position then air and steam were passed from under the column to fluidize the coal. The results showed that the reactor worked at temperature of 550oC and steam temperature of 300oC, and gas was produced.


coal, gassification, fluidization, upright column

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