Pengaruh Variasi Perekat pada Briket Berbahan Limbah Tempurung Kelapa

Ricky Herjunata, Shafira Ratna Noviandini, Siti Diyar Kholisoh


World’s energy demand increasingly grows along the time, especially energy source from fossil fuels. Unfortunately, these fuels generate more GHG (greenhouse gas) emission, which leading to the global warming. Nowadays it encourages the development of some alternative renewable energy, such as biomass. The abundant waste of coconut shell in Indonesia can be utilized as biomass briquettes (bio-briquettes). An adhesive, such as starch, pine resin, or clay, has an important role while producing these briquettes. This research was aimed to study the effect of some kinds of adhesives on briquettes. This laboratory work was conducted by mixing the pyrolyzed coconut shell waste powder with a certain adhesive composition. Afterwards, the mixture was molded into briquettes and dried. Briquettes’ quality was therefore analyzed through their content of moisture, volatile matter, ash, bound carbon, and the heating value. Adhesives used for making briquettes comprised starch (5%, 10%, 15%), pine resin (40%, 45%, 50%), and clay (40%, 45%, 50%). Briquette on 5%-starch composition showed the relatively best characteristics with the content of moisture, volatile matter, ash, bound carbon, and calorific value of 6.74%, 11.78%, 2.94%, 78.52%, and 7027.40 cal/g, respectively. This result was subsequently compared to Indonesia’s national standards (SNI), as well.


adhesive, bio-briquette, coconut shell, renewable energy

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