Karateristik Membran sPEEK-PVA- Cs-Asam Fosfotungstat untuk Sel Bahan Bakar Metanol

Alisa Mutia Sara, Nur Hidayati


Direct methanol fuel cells are the electrochemical conversion devices that convert chemical energy from methanol directly into electrical energy. The performance of methanol fuel cells, one of which is determined by the performance of the electrolyte membrane as a transport medium for protons and separators between the anode and cathode. Sulfonated polyethers ether ketone (sPEEK) has good mechanical, thermal and chemical stability and good proton conductivity properties. The combination of sPEEK and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) showed a high methanol resistance. The addition of filling material of cesium-phosphotungstic acid into the sPEEK-PVA membrane aims to improve the membrane's performance. The membrane characterization on water uptake, swelling degree, ion exchange capacity and methanol permeability carried out by varying the amount of Cs-phosphotungtic acid in the sPEEK-PVA was studied membrane. The results show the value of water uptake in the range 33.3-70.9%, swelling degree in the range 7.5-10.5%, ion exchange capacity of 0.552-0.700 meqg-1 and permeability of methanol in the range 3.50-4,33x10-6 cm2/s. These results indicate that the sPEEK-Chitosan-Cs-phosphotungstic acid composite is a potential membrane as a proton exchange medium in fuel cells although further testing is still needed.


DMFC, sPEEK, PVA, Cs-phosphotungsic acid

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