Teknologi Pengolahan Buah untuk Desa Duyung, Trawas, Mojokerto

Rudy Agustriyanto


The purpose of the community service activities in  the Desa Duyung, Kecamatan Trawas, Kabupaten Mojokerto is mainly to equip the durian farmers with appropriate technologies for fruit, seeds and waste processing completely; in order to overcome low price problem of second grade durian as well as women role empowerment. Proposals to address these issuesinclude:1) durian fruit processing into jams, 2) durian seed processing into chips of various flavors, 3)utilization of durian skin into fuel, 4)salak fruit processing into jams when not in durian season, and 5) banana  processing into chips of various flavors when not in durian season. Some equipments and training necessary for the process had been delivered. Participants from two groups (PKK and Farmer Group) were asked to fill a qustionaire before and after the experiment and the results were presented in this paper.


Durian; salak; jam; chips; community service


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