Uji Laboratorium Proses Perengkahan Toluen dengan Katalis Reformasi Kukus Ni/a-Al2O3

Herri Susanto


Tar formation was one of the major problems in the utilization of syngas produced from gasification of biomass and coal. Toluene was used as a model tar and N2 as carrier gas. Laboratory test was performed using a commercial steam reforming catalyst available in our laboratory. The amount of catalyst was 2,5 g and reaction temperature was varied at 500, 600, 700, and 800oC. The gas flow rate was 0,0077 Nm3/h with a toluene concentration of 51 g/Nm3. Our laboratory test revealed that toluene conversion up to 99,6% might be obtained at the reaction temperature of 8000C and molar steam/toluene ratio of 16. Decreases in toluene conversion were observed when reactions were carried out in a condition of stoichiometric steam to toluene ratio of 7. Kinetics parameters toluene steam reforming on catalyst Ni/a-Al2O3 were obtained experimently by laboratory were Ea of 11,6 kJ/mol and k0 of 272 m3/kgcat.hours. Using these kinetics parameters, toluene might be converted almost completely in a plug flow reactor with a resedence time of 0,35 s, under the following condition: steam to toluene ratio of 16 and temperature above 700oC.


gasification of biomass; carbon formation; catalytic steam reforming of toluene

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